What people say


Teens Say

"I never expected anything to change after I went to this "life changing workshop." but just after a few days I've seen a lot of change. The way I was before was shy and timid, within a couple of days I feel courageous and on top of the world (even though that’s geographically wrong.) The people around me are starting to respect me and are also noticing the changes too. Thank you Jeff, Des and Hilary"

Rose, 16.

"I came in with no idea of what it was going to be like but it actually turned out to be really good.  I learned a lot about myself and life in general"

Jo, 15, Berks

"On the 22nd January 2010 I was an ordinary teenage girl, content with the life I was leading. Today I still am exactly the same person, living in exactly the same place, yet I have a completely different take on life. I walked into the programme, intrigued, I thought it would be a good experience, but I honestly thought that it had very little to offer me that I didn't already know. Two days later I walked out empowered to lead the life I wanted to lead."

Amy, 16, Midlands

“HeroPath is the ideal course to complete your education and to give you a massive head start in life. The trainers are inspiring and managed to make the two and a bit days fun and interesting."

Robert, 16, Manchester

“For those who are skeptical and suspicious, what Jeff is offering is not a general motivational seminar. If you are willing to accept it, this course offers the opportunity to perform at your best throughout your life.

"On the last day, Jeff asked if any one was willing to write a testimonial. Considering the way the course affected me, I figured it was only fair for me to take the time to show my appreciation. I spent 20 minutes trying to explain the workshop but I haven't been able to express what the course was about and what it meant to the group. It is not something which can be explained easily, nor is it something which can be quickly shown to you.

"Jeff showed that he's an easy guy to relate to. Somehow, after the two and a half days I spent with him, I already felt like he was a great friend. He is most certainly not an up-tight adult who is going to preach to you about getting your life on track. He is there with the sole interest of helping you with what ever you need. And through personal stories of his own, jokes, and time spent with you, he's able to provide this help which will craft you into a well rounded successful person who feels at their peak whenever they would like to.

"P.S. I got home and breezed through my chemistry and economics homework. It works."

Harry, 17

"I am one of those busy people who always have something going on. Every now and then I feel swamped by my university studies, my work and my community commitments. I took the time out of my busy life and spent last weekend on the HeroPath course. I could not have spent my time in a more valuable way. I learned some core skills such as how to be at my best and how to make the right decisions. I absolutely believe that these skills will help me lead a life where 'ordinary' is out of the question. Now I have the inspiration I need to go confidently on my journey to adventure."

Cayla, 21

"HeroPath was an indescribable experience.  It gives you the tools you need to feel confident and make the most of your life.  It helps you realise what's important and how to deal with day to day stresses."

May, 16, London

"On day 1 of the programme I was like, "what the heck are we learning?"  2nd day I began to get a grasp on what we were doing and I managed to figure it out.  Now I feel like I can do whatever I want to and nothing can distract me from it. It feels so easy once you are shown how to.

"A Tonne of laughs, lots learned, definitely time well spent. "

Joshua, 17

"Before I went to HeroPath I would wake up on a school morning assuming it was going to be a bad day. I was extremely self-conscious so I couldn’t find the courage to do a lot of things in life. I was living parts of life in regret. I’ve learnt to get myself into a zone where I feel I can accomplish anything and that can be enjoyable. I have learnt how to make the right life choices quickly and have the courage to actually pursue them. I haven’t since lived one moment in regret. The HeroPath workshop has been extremely enjoyable and far beyond worthwhile."

Shaun, 16

"I just completed the HeroPath course. I loved being introduced to this completely new way of living and my life has begun to change so easily after this workshop. The group exercises and talks meant I was able to learn from experts, as well as people who were experiencing this for the first time like me. I would recommend this to anyone!"

Shae, 20

"I never really wanted to go to HeroPath but I went anyway because my parents wouldn't stop going off at me about it. I learnt a huge amount about how to relax and unstress myself. I got out of my rut and motivated and determined. And I even made some friends. :) "

Leah, 20

"HeroPath was an amazing experience and I learnt so much about myself and how I can live a life in the 'extraordinary world'. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Ashleigh, 18

"I arrived at a hotel with no idea what to expect, what kind of people I would meet.  The 2 and a bit days I spent has changed my view on life but mostly my opinion of myself.  I would whole-heartedly encourage anybody to sign up and do it, no seriously DO, IT WILL open your eyes to what an incredible adventure life can be and also to fight the system."

Zack, 17, London

"HeroPath teaches you things you will never learn in school.  Skills and methods that allow you to be a changed person and live an adventure not just life."

Alice, 16, Herts

"I have learnt to be more positive towards the future and ignore past experiences,  to stop them from lowering my self esteem and self confidence."

Max, 15, Herts

"My ability to trust my instincts and intuition has improved the quality and direction of my life. I am able to know who to trust, who to make friends with and who not to. It was a daunting and yet empowering feeling at 16 years old to realise that you really can pursue anything you want in life. I really cannot recommend this workshop enough.  Even 5 years on, the things I have learnt are still relevant and always will be. To have the confidence and belief to follow an extraordinary life and pursue your passion is a rare thing. To gain this confidence in a weekend is even rarer.”

Aaron, 21, Herts

"It wasn't what I expected and to be honest I wasn't sure at first but by the end I realised how useful everything I learnt was going to be in my life and it was a really really good experience."

Chris, 17, Berks

"This is not a forced or forged testimonial.  I have finished the HeroPath programme.  Entering skeptically I came out with a lot, a new perspective and changed/altered outlook upon life and my ideas about leadership and choosing a path in what I'd like to be."

Joshua, 16, Herts

"The HeroPath experience is one that no-one can prepare for but one that no-one can forget. This weekend has changed my view on life and also my expectations of it. It can be explained in five words "life changing and mind blowing" Recommended to anyone and Everyone!"

Ben, 16, Reading

"A really interesting weekend. To understand it you have to try it. No Ice Breakers!!"

Kate, 15, Herts

"Highly skeptical prior to arriving, but throughout the whole weekend all reasons for coming plus more has been fully addressed on a deep and life changing basis"

Alex, 19, London

"My parents found the HeroPath site and signed my sister and myself for the course. When they told us that they did they didn't really give us a great description of it. We had to fly over to England at 3a.m. Honestly it didn't really sound appealing but I decided I would give it a chance (mostly because I got the day off school) but also because I was curious. The weekend went by really quickly and it was so much fun. I also learnt lots of really important skills and lessons that I will definitely use in the future. Highly recommended :)"

Caroline, 15, Eire